Prometey (High league of Ukrainian championship) will play in the pre-season tournament with participation of the Superleague clubs


Tomorrow, on September 20, Prometey (High league of Ukrainian championship) will set off to Lutsk where an important stage of our team’s preparation for the upcoming season will be held. Between September 22 and 24, a tournament with participation of four teams will take place in this city.

In addition to Prometey, Staryi Lutsk University, Rivne-SSHSM and Kyiv-Basket are participants of this tournament. The teams will play one tour.

A schedule of the tournament games with Prometey participation looks as it follows:
? 22.09.2023 (Friday)
17:00  Prometey – Rivne-SSHSM
? 23.09.2023 (Saturday)
18:30 Staryi Lutsk University – Prometey
? 24.09.2023 (Sunday)
12:30 Kyiv-Basket – Prometey