"Prometey" coach and players called up to the Ukrainian cadet National team

Команда "Прометей" 2010 р.н.

A coach and two players of the sports school “Prometey” have been called up to the U-14 cadet National basketball team of Ukraine.

On 10 June, the training camp of the Ukrainian cadet national team will begin in Pushcha-Vodytsia, where our players will prepare for participation in the European Basketball League.

This year, two “Prometey” players will be sent to the national team: forward Makar Konovnitsyn and center Rodion Timchenko.

As a reminder, this season, “Prometey” came third in the All-Ukrainian Youth Basketball League among teams born in 2010.

As well as the players, the coach of the basketball school “Prometey” Ruslan Orishchuk will also help the National team with preparations.