Oleksandr Pashchenko: "We are happy with the result and move on from game to game"


The head coach of “Prometey” (High league of the Ukrainian championship) Oleksandr Pashchenko commented on the victory over “Politechnica-Halychyna” in the quarterfinal of the Cup of Ukraine.

- I would like to thank everyone who are related to the club. My congratulations. I would like to thank the entire organisation that we have here. For this victory, we had everything needed.

If yesterday we were a little amorphous, lethargic, maybe a little relaxed after the victory the day before. But I would like to thank "Niko-Basket" for giving us a little “bump”, today we were ready to fight and face any troubles.

And we really had many troubles. Yesterday, we had 8 turnovers, today, there were 15 of them. Even considering the fact that we won a lot. So, it is an indicator that somewhere at some moments we were not completely focused. But in general, we are happy with the result, we move on, from game to game.

I would like to thank our warriors for defending Ukraine. They give us the opportunity to do what we love. We respect you, thank you.

– Players often did not hit free throws, why is it so?

- Firstly, psychology. Secondly, there is another point: we play fast basketball. And there are moments when players are physically stressed, and make mistakes under stress.