Kulboka will not play in the current season due to his injury - he will be replaced with Rashard Kelly


Volodymyr Dubynskyi, the founder of BC Prometey, on the eve of the first team’s LEBL match, shared some recent news on health condition of the team’s players:

“Yesterday, we had talk with Neno related to the pre-game meeting with the guys, about the dialogue he had with players. Each our legionnaire knows what is currently happening in Ukraine, each Ukrainian player of the team feels bad pain in his heart for our country. Our guys know how here, back in Ukraine, they are desired for their victories and they are ready to fight in every game for every winning point!

About today’s line-up.

Petrov and Lukashov are still out of game and training process. Kaleb Agada took part in the first active practice yesterday. Perhaps, Neno will allow him to see some playing minutes against Viimsi. Issuf Sanon also practised yesterday for the first time. So, I guess, Issuf also may appear on the court for several minutes, but everything will happen at our head coach’s decision!

Marcus Keen, who got injured at the Pinar Cup, is fine now.

Kulboka underwent a surgery yesterday. His injury turned out to be deep and severe. Thus, he will not have an opportunity to prove his skills at this year’s competitions. This season will go without Kulboka.

In the team, he will be replaced with Rashar Kelly, the amazing American power forward, but he will attend today’s game still as a spectator”,- Volodymyr Dubynskyi wrote on his Facebook page.

The match of the Latvian-Estonian league against Viimsi starts at 16:00 at “Arena Riga”. The broadcast of the match will be available on YouTube channel “DIVISPORT”.